Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Marissa - Guardian Angel


(I haven't done this in a while and thought of this beautiful soft image I saved knowing this is what I saved it for. Let's see what message Marissa has to share with me today.)

I am your messenger today from your Spirit I see glowing far away yet near as sweet songs I hear around you. 
Sometimes we hear things from some others different from what we believe to be the truth. It doesn't matter what your situations are - one person from another who were together once and shared a moment. It is what was supposed to be at that moment in your time. It doesn't mean you move onward in the same direction forever. It means what you shared was, and now you move on each other's path in your own mind space but not in a space where you are together physically. There is no connection with your bodies yet you are able to connect all the time in your mind and soul. 
Nothing can take away what is shared, and if the one knew how easy it would be to revisit a time in the past and reconnect, that one would become a believer in the truth about how the order and laws of the universe work. 
It is important to know that God has sent me to help you understand the way actions and beliefs are meant to move each one forward and in the light to the source that is creation. The important way to move in the right direction for yourself will eventually help the other because your light can be seen and felt by others. Keep focusing on the positive and proper actions called for. You will know intuitively what is right for you and when moved to act or respond or connect with another it will be effortless and will feel right. You cannot control another's response or actions but that is alright because it is owned by that soul and not yours. The other has to find his own way and you will ignore any negative feelings or darkness you see because your light is brighter and glowing differently and you must not reverse and move toward darkness. All that is necessary is to remain in the light your soul resides in. 
Everything is in order. You will attract brightly glowing souls and also darker lights because they are seeking the bright lights but may be going about it in the physical world because they don't believe or understand the world of Spirit which is God - the One - the Law of all creation. 
Call on me whenever you feel darkness filtering in your light and I will remind you gently to move in the proper direction and avoid any darkness that can harm you or cause you to lose faith in what you already know to be truth. All is well now and you may be tested again but you are stronger than the dark side of another and have protection surrounding you from the love you sow. You are a soul who loves beauty and love is your guide. You are filled with love and your light shines into the ether. Those who come in contact with you there is worthy of your attention. Souls recognize one another by their light. You will instantly know each other and will have positive and complimenting beliefs. There will be safety in connecting with one another. Move forward on your journey knowing I am here should you see or feel darkness along the way. I am Marissa - one of your Guardian Angels. I will whisper gently should you need my help when you come to crossroads on your path.

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