Monday, August 6, 2018

My Home is My Castle - My Soul is My Sanctuary

I love this image. I have loved the color PINK for some time. I found the perfect image that I recently used as my cover photo on FB. 
A year ago I mentioned how I was drawn to the color PINK. A good friend commented that it was because it was my "aura color." Everybody has one and mine has changed from yellow, which I still love, to PINK!. Huh...must be...I know in my reading many books and my quest to know the truth about God, that PINK is associated with LOVE. Aw...that's true. I hold love in my heart for certain people, all animals, and nature. I can't forget the love I have for my Angels and Heavenly Guides. 
I recently took an online course by Caroline Myss, whom I love. I have her books and love her CD series on Archetypes! It was a 9-day online retreat where she had us on a LIVE webinar for the first 2 days, then 5 days with written prayers and info with a half hour video of Caroline starting off our morning with prayer and what to expect from that day's lesson/practice/exercise. Then she was back the last 2 days with LIVE webinars. It was wonderful and I'm glad I did it. Nothing is wasted because we learn no matter the experience. The course/retreat came with a "group" she offers when you join her CMED institute, which I did also and gives me access to her old videos and lectures, so I have many hours of Caroline's teachings. The reality is that after listening to her and seeing her LIVE, I came away more unsure how much I really thought of her beliefs and the way she comes through at times. But no one is perfect, so she is entitled (she hates that word) to be as she wants to be and believe.  
Like anything else, I am taking from the course what rings true and will let the rest sit by itself. I can change my thinking at any time. I didn't like that if I believed everything she spoke that I would lose or put on the back burner some things that I believe to be truth. So I feel good, but disappointed, as I am free to be and believe what I did before her retreat, yet disappointed in her attitude toward some things and that made me doubt myself. Days after, I reminded myself that she, nor anyone else, has all the answers. Life is our journey. Life is ours to live and experience. This is the problem when you follow public figures who have made a career from writing books and now the hottest courses of every kind. 
So, to continue...I joined the group and began posting nice spiritual things which others did, but then someone asked a question and I decided to post an answer. The comments on what I posted were hurtful. I understand we all don't agree with one another, even those who took the same course. But when name-calling is accepted, well, I posted my last in that group. I realize I'm better off either being an observer, only, or to just not get involved in any discussions. I thought these were enlightened ones, but I was wrong. They are the same as people in all groups and that's why I stay alone and keep to myself. So why do I not learn to stay away from groups? Because I have made a few good friends from joining groups. I just have to recognize cliques and avoid them and some of the others in the same space. 
I should write a book of prayers. Others do. Now I know there are some people for every book written, but not every book is in step with one's beliefs. I am happy and oh, so comfortable knowing my own Soul. It lets me know when something doesn't feel right and I listen carefully to what it's telling me. So "My Home is My Castle" is certainly true. I like my home for me, and have to share it with my husband, :) and it is certainly for my pets. People from the outside...not so much. I need a separate room away from my "castle" for others. My "Soul is My Sanctuary" is a truth. I always go within which you may call, "soul-searching." I frequently tell people that if they want an answer to a question, just ask God. I do that and always ask my "go to" Angels for messages because I know that we all have a "spark" inside us that is God. There is so much I could share but not at this time in this post. 
I feel lighter that I came to my senses and to not put people on pedestals. They don't have all the answers. It's that part of what they profess resonates with people and those people become followers and everyone else is wrong. And by the way, people turn into protective vultures and will attack anyone who says something that goes against the one they put on the pedestal! (Take that one to the bank.) That may be the most truthful statement in this blog post! I even amazed myself...I love when the truth just comes spilling out. :) 
I think I'll leave this as is...more another time when Spirit moves me to write. Maybe I'll begin writing prayers...I pray but writing them would be something I haven't tried before. Let's see what happens...maybe it won't be a good idea or the writings won't flow easily, but what if they do?
Till next time...