Friday, June 15, 2018

Two Interesting Dreams

I had a dream 2 nights ago I'll never forget. Some dreams are forgotten moments after I wake and some last a lifetime! I dream every night. Lots of them are about my being in retail as I have spent 20 years having art and gift shops and moving to different locations to find the perfect one. Other dreams I am being chased...don't like those. Others are of me trying to find where I parked my car...never find it. :) Other dreams I am trying to use the phone and can never dial right - the calls never get made! 
I wonder if the dream I had 2 nights ago was a premonition or just another dream with symbols and will never come to pass, but I shared a portion of it on FB and want to describe it here in length - rather in full. It was a short dream with powerful symbols or symbolism. 
The picture of Sydney Harbor and Opera House above is quite accurate as far as distance goes from where I was standing in the dream in this location, Sydney Harbor. I have never been there in this lifetime but have a friend who lived there most of his life. He moved north several years ago.
In my dream I was outside and think someone was with me, but don't know who it was, and I was looking at the harbor and suddenly a gigantic wave arose in the middle of the harbor! That in itself was very scary and not normal. Then it happened. The wave turned to a crusty snow in mid air! At that point I ran up 3 stairs and opened the door to my house and saw the white wave of snow begin to topple!! Inside the house, I heard the crash as it landed. The End.
 If it was what we know as what can happen in "the twinkling of an eye," then I suspect the Earth toppled and was thrown into an "ice age!" The horror. So that was the end of the dream as it should be because if that happened today everything in the area or hemisphere was turned cold and ice and all perished and so maybe that's why there is no more to report. 
I love dreaming...I have had many memorable dreams and used to keep a dream journal. This one was important enough to write down. I would like to live long enough to experience the "end times" as so many believe we are in and that will happen in our generation. In any case, if it happens, no one including me, will be able to report it...we will maybe meet on the "other side" and can talk about it there.  :)

This is another very recent dream that is one to record. A happy, unusual, fun dream, though incomplete and also short but worth recording. In case you don't know who the photos are of, the top one is PGA golfer, Phil Mickelson, and the bottom one is well known to all in the world, Elvis Presley. (I forgot to choose from the fonts above so will do that now)
This dream was about my planning a birthday party for myself! Actually it's already going on when it begins as these are the first two guests that arrived. At least I remember them even though there were a few others arriving. :) By the way, these are two of my very favorite people.
I created the perfect party for myself! :) I had two rows of slot machines, (one of my favorite fun things to do), I don't know where it took place, but it was a good size room. I was checking on I was in the process of attaching gifts to each slot machine...a favor for each guest...a thank you for coming to my party! The gift was a bracelet made of gemstones in different designs and made from each individual's birthstone! How cool is that? :) 
I am sure I had entertainment/music arranged and maybe Elvis WAS the entertainment, I don't know. I remember greeting Phil and Elvis but the downer is that's all I remember about the dream! :) The other thing to mention is that it isn't my birthday. I have a couple of months yet. Dreams are interesting and make me wonder. And that's fun for me! :)
The End

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Nancy Stokes Shewchuk

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