Sunday, June 24, 2018

The Spiritual Essence of this Sacred Image

This is so beautiful to me that I wanted to post it and so here it is. Now I'll see what message I receive from the Spiritual Essence of this Sacred Image.

The message from this Spirit is purely to LOVE with all of your heart and soul. Blood flows as a source of life given to all of humanity. The crown represents the Glory of God as he adorns all in his fold - freedom and joy and love. Wherever you walk the Earth holds the secrets held by the ancient ones. Rest in solitude and allow His guidance unfold into your heart. 
Believe and keep your faith strong and foremost in your life's journey and He will walk by your side always leading you along each path you take no matter should you sway from one to another you will never walk alone. 
You have been given keys to your doors awaiting you to open each one. Inside there will be secrets  only your heart holds the whispering winds to, and pay attention as they will be fleeting like a breeze kissing your cheek. 
Cross your heart and keep your own secrets close uttering no words to anyone. They come directly from your Soul which is kept safe and knows all from the one on High. Knowledge from above is at your right hand. There are no words to express what your Master has in store for your life. Only doors to the world's secrets can be opened by you. Others have their own doors and their own keys given when they are ready to receive. No one receives their keys until they are willing to know what lies behind the veil of this world as all is in spirit, you just have to open the doors and open your hearts to receive the gifts from the Holy Spirit to capture the fleeting breath of life - the answers to all that exists. 
Walk in peace and joy. LOVE will open every door which requires no key.

Text Copyright by
Nancy Stokes Shewchuk

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