Thursday, June 7, 2018

Pressure Off - Feeling Comfy - Mystery Hovering

I feel good. I'm comfy...not hungry so supper isn't on the radar right now except I feel like spaghetti and Hunt's sauce and cheese, but too late to make that...I'll figure it out after I write whatever it is I'm going to write. 
Pressure is off. I think I feel better posting 2 to 4 posts on FB - no expectations...won't overdo and already posted a"Good Night" image, so all is well. I surely have to let those go who have had enough of me or maybe it's that they have different ideas and thinking. We all have different brains and think differently, so anyway, I know when I'm being waned out. Some think if they react less each day to my posts eventually I'll be gone. Hahaha. I'm still there - they are leaving. :) Anyway, for the first time with this going on...I feel relief. I'm not upset...I'm just me and see the signs and all I want to say is..."Godspeed." 
So here I am in my safe place. :) I know some are reading these posts as their countries show up in the stats, but don't know who, and I prefer that. So if my small life is interesting to you - great! I can't keep anyone from reading what I post on social media...if I did care I wouldn't do it. Nothing on social media is Sacred. I just know I'm very comfortable writing on my blogs...I'm not selling anything and not really preaching...I'm just letting my fingers go where they want to go on my keyboard! :) 
I love having new ideas for web sites. I have 3 sites but everything that I post is done by my web gal and she gets $1.00 a minute for all she does, so having her post a new photo or to delete one is $4.00. If selling my art, I have to take that into consideration and so it doesn't work for me. I need a web site, should I want a new one, that I can control myself, like the blogs where I am able to post and write what I want. But they are so different in format. Blogs, you have to keep scrolling down to see all. 
So, I am looking to solve a long-time mystery. It may be something I need to do - and I don't know how much I should say, but I'll start and see what I can articulate. 
Many years ago my father was in the hospital, dying. I went to the phone booth in the waiting room to call my aunt to give her an update. There was a glimmer of hope and wanted to let her know that. I dialed her number and a woman answered and said 2 words. For now I will keep those words to myself. What I have no doubt about was that the woman's voice on the other end was my deceased mother's voice! I know voices. There is no doubt in my mind that it was a wrong number, or did I just pick up the phone to dial and she spoke before I dialed even one number? I don't know how it happened, but I took it as a message from my mother about my father soon to pass away. 
There are some things that happen to us that we experience that no one else would believe or understand, but when it happens to you, no one can ever tell you what you heard, saw, or experienced wasn't real. I have asked angels...and now want to know more. When it's the right time they will reveal what I need to know. I think I've been trying to figure it out by thinking and I haven't received the answer yet, but I know I'm close because I'm acting on it. I'm seeking what those 2 words, okay...a person's name means that was a well known tale in folklore, and not far from where I live. Years ago I came across a picture of this individual and today I made a printout and have it next to where I am typing on my PC. So I believe the time is coming soon for me to allow the pieces of this mystery to be revealed. How exciting!!  What did my mother want me to know about this and what did it have to do with my father?
(big sigh)
I'll come back to this mystery when I know more myself. I think that's all for this time...time to have something to eat and watch some of the baseball game...but "American Gangster" is on in an hour and I love that movie! Russel Crowe and Denzel Washington? Great movie. I can see some "at bats" and check the score during the game...that'll be my night, so I will, on that note say, "Good Night."

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Nancy Stokes Shewchuk 

I created a new blog last night and have added to it this morning and will keep adding when the Spirit moves.  here is the new blog title and address.
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