Wednesday, June 6, 2018

My Soul Speaking

Doesn't make anything worthwhile when there are only your own ears and eyes to hear and see what you are saying and writing. Doesn't make a difference to be on social media at all. No one cares. Everybody has their own cares and not your cares. You can't spend time waiting to be appreciated by human beings. Selfish most people will be when another requests their attention. Splatter. Is this the way you want to capture one's interest? By splattering all of what you can do on social media? It is hilarious!
Seek no one for anything using this method. It's good for a place to read yourself and reread when you want...and by accident a human comes to also read...doesn't matter. What is in your spirit is not for the masses. Have a joke by playing here typing to yourself. It's a good way anyway to stop writing on paper as there is no clutter. Leave this kind of junk in cyber space. 
People disappoint. Facebook is the worst of all social media. Friends are only friends when they have time to play games and like your pictures and read your short stories. It serves the ones who share the same makeup. Before you enter a group, as you know is not your kind of social anything...look here and be yourself where no one will even look. Hide you will - no one will find you here. You have already come and gone. This should be your playground. I know you and what you are doing and thinking for I am your soul speaking. 
I am you and you are me. It doesn't matter what others think about you or what you do and how you live. Every day you spend too much time looking at the pretty images to post on Facebook - why bother? You seek to connect, that's why. Today was like you were the only person allowed on your own page. That is why it's not your best place to try to connect with people. Go out in the world to communicate if you want. But if you prefer to stay inside...don't bother. It's cheap. Social media is cheap. The worst form of communicating. Now it's even dangerous. Too many know your personal business. Hackers are all around. So give them nothing. Say nothing they can use for their sick reasons. Let us close for tonight. You will listen to the beat of your own heart. Don't waste precious time with whatever you're doing on Facebook. It never worked for you. Contacts with people you already knew is okay to chat with, but you are just a piece in a puzzle of all kinds of energies there and it messes your senses. You are extremely sensitive and feel many energies all around from reading this and then that...leave it alone. All will come to you that is meant to. Be content with this knowledge. 

Text Copyright by
Nancy Stokes Shewchuk

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