Monday, June 18, 2018

Made from the Same Stuff

I have things I enjoy doing, like painting, reading, spending time with my animals, but the urge to paint and read take a back seat to what I do every day, and that is communicate with Spirit. I call on particular beings, or simply ask my Guardian Angel if there is a message for me. Most times I want to know the answers to what lies ahead when the human body is no longer. That is what this post is about. 
I called on my "go to Angel," Archangel Gabriel. Now I have to recall what I remember from just this morning after I awoke. 
Many feel Gabriel is a female energy, but I have always felt a male energy and so I refer to Gabriel as, "he." 
I'm going to have to write what comes to mind and maybe not in order of what was said to my written communication...I am so used to writing the thoughts or words that come through me that I use my index finger and make writing movements on the bed sheet! :) I know...funny, but it's something that has become second nature to me and so that's how I get messages if I'm not on my PC typing as the message comes. 
One thing I learned this morning was that the human form is made from the "same stuff" as the Universe. When we leave the body, when it no longer contains its energy, its life force, we as Soul, leave the physical body and proceed to live in our "light body." We are light. We have no use for a mouth because we don't need food to live, we live from the amount of light we contain - light is energy. We are attracted to other light beings whose color(s) are the same or similar to our own. The colors of light that we are have meanings on the other side but I don't have answers about that except that I am in LOVE with PINK! I also love white and opal-essence. Together adding a third color, is blue. I had a dream of these three colors and was told that they together are my "spiritual code." Blue is knowledge and wisdom, white is spiritual, and pink is love.
I was advised to incorporate these colors in the clothes I wear, jewelry, home...and so I found 2 pretty rings online and bought them from a jewelry shop in Hawaii. They are perfect for has the three colors and the other just pink and white. 
Moving on to what else I remember from my chat with Gabriel, the more light we can sustain within our physical body the healthier we will be and the longer we will sustain our life force. The junk food with no or little nourishment has no life force and that diminishes our light...our energy...our health. 
I read a lot about spirituality and books written by well known spiritual thinkers and authors. I learn something new all the time. I keep what I believe because it rings true, and I let other things go by because it isn't my truth at this time. 
I bought a book decades ago, The Well Body Book. It stated that the human bodies are "three thousand year old healers!" The body knows what it needs and can heal itself from most issues, but I am not an expert so won't go into methods of healing here. I'm just recording what I remember from our communication, and what I am recalling from books I have read. I remember what Deepak Chopra said about God. He said, "God didn't create the Universe, God became the Universe." That is so powerful! 
I was holding the little box that contains the ashes of my kitty that died in January. I have plans to sprinkle them over her roommate's grave before next winter. I talk to her every day but today as I opened the box and touched the plastic bag with her ashes, I said, "You're not here, are you." Her energy has moved on...those ashes are not her or who she is now. She is "light." I believe that's how my conversation with Archangel Gabriel came to be this morning. I got up early and went back to bed after holding "Miss Kitty's" box of ashes. I then asked the question almost all humans ask. What happens to us after our body transforms from life force to no life force. 
Anyway, we should fill our bodies with as much light while we are alive on Earth. I don't believe anyone knows for sure what becomes of us after death. There are too many accounts of experiences and claims, and this isn't either of those. I am simply recording what came to me as I communicated to the energy of the one I go to for spiritual information.  
I remember Oprah asking Deepak Chopra the question, "What do you know for sure?" His reply was, "Nothing!" She was shocked!! That told me a lot right there...even the so wise ones we think have answers may not have them at all. :) So trust yourself and get your own answers by what feels right in your gut. Those feelings change in time, or can. We are constantly evolving. 
So like the Universe, we are made of the same stuff. Inside our Soul is our light energy that carries us through life and then where we belong when our physical body no longer serves us. 
You take care...find your the beach? At home? Traveling? In church? Reading a Holy Book? Listening to music? Painting? Being in nature and around animals? Wherever you are and whatever makes you feel happy, that's where you belong. That's what you need to be doing. 
All for now...there will be more questions and when I'm ready I'll post information I receive. 

Text Copyright by
Nancy Stokes Shewchuk

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