Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Marissa - Guardian Angel


(I haven't done this in a while and thought of this beautiful soft image I saved knowing this is what I saved it for. Let's see what message Marissa has to share with me today.)

I am your messenger today from your Spirit I see glowing far away yet near as sweet songs I hear around you. 
Sometimes we hear things from some others different from what we believe to be the truth. It doesn't matter what your situations are - one person from another who were together once and shared a moment. It is what was supposed to be at that moment in your time. It doesn't mean you move onward in the same direction forever. It means what you shared was, and now you move on each other's path in your own mind space but not in a space where you are together physically. There is no connection with your bodies yet you are able to connect all the time in your mind and soul. 
Nothing can take away what is shared, and if the one knew how easy it would be to revisit a time in the past and reconnect, that one would become a believer in the truth about how the order and laws of the universe work. 
It is important to know that God has sent me to help you understand the way actions and beliefs are meant to move each one forward and in the light to the source that is creation. The important way to move in the right direction for yourself will eventually help the other because your light can be seen and felt by others. Keep focusing on the positive and proper actions called for. You will know intuitively what is right for you and when moved to act or respond or connect with another it will be effortless and will feel right. You cannot control another's response or actions but that is alright because it is owned by that soul and not yours. The other has to find his own way and you will ignore any negative feelings or darkness you see because your light is brighter and glowing differently and you must not reverse and move toward darkness. All that is necessary is to remain in the light your soul resides in. 
Everything is in order. You will attract brightly glowing souls and also darker lights because they are seeking the bright lights but may be going about it in the physical world because they don't believe or understand the world of Spirit which is God - the One - the Law of all creation. 
Call on me whenever you feel darkness filtering in your light and I will remind you gently to move in the proper direction and avoid any darkness that can harm you or cause you to lose faith in what you already know to be truth. All is well now and you may be tested again but you are stronger than the dark side of another and have protection surrounding you from the love you sow. You are a soul who loves beauty and love is your guide. You are filled with love and your light shines into the ether. Those who come in contact with you there is worthy of your attention. Souls recognize one another by their light. You will instantly know each other and will have positive and complimenting beliefs. There will be safety in connecting with one another. Move forward on your journey knowing I am here should you see or feel darkness along the way. I am Marissa - one of your Guardian Angels. I will whisper gently should you need my help when you come to crossroads on your path.

Monday, August 6, 2018

My Home is My Castle - My Soul is My Sanctuary

I love this image. I have loved the color PINK for some time. I found the perfect image that I recently used as my cover photo on FB. 
A year ago I mentioned how I was drawn to the color PINK. A good friend commented that it was because it was my "aura color." Everybody has one and mine has changed from yellow, which I still love, to PINK!. Huh...must be...I know in my reading many books and my quest to know the truth about God, that PINK is associated with LOVE. Aw...that's true. I hold love in my heart for certain people, all animals, and nature. I can't forget the love I have for my Angels and Heavenly Guides. 
I recently took an online course by Caroline Myss, whom I love. I have her books and love her CD series on Archetypes! It was a 9-day online retreat where she had us on a LIVE webinar for the first 2 days, then 5 days with written prayers and info with a half hour video of Caroline starting off our morning with prayer and what to expect from that day's lesson/practice/exercise. Then she was back the last 2 days with LIVE webinars. It was wonderful and I'm glad I did it. Nothing is wasted because we learn no matter the experience. The course/retreat came with a "group" she offers when you join her CMED institute, which I did also and gives me access to her old videos and lectures, so I have many hours of Caroline's teachings. The reality is that after listening to her and seeing her LIVE, I came away more unsure how much I really thought of her beliefs and the way she comes through at times. But no one is perfect, so she is entitled (she hates that word) to be as she wants to be and believe.  
Like anything else, I am taking from the course what rings true and will let the rest sit by itself. I can change my thinking at any time. I didn't like that if I believed everything she spoke that I would lose or put on the back burner some things that I believe to be truth. So I feel good, but disappointed, as I am free to be and believe what I did before her retreat, yet disappointed in her attitude toward some things and that made me doubt myself. Days after, I reminded myself that she, nor anyone else, has all the answers. Life is our journey. Life is ours to live and experience. This is the problem when you follow public figures who have made a career from writing books and now the hottest courses of every kind. 
So, to continue...I joined the group and began posting nice spiritual things which others did, but then someone asked a question and I decided to post an answer. The comments on what I posted were hurtful. I understand we all don't agree with one another, even those who took the same course. But when name-calling is accepted, well, I posted my last in that group. I realize I'm better off either being an observer, only, or to just not get involved in any discussions. I thought these were enlightened ones, but I was wrong. They are the same as people in all groups and that's why I stay alone and keep to myself. So why do I not learn to stay away from groups? Because I have made a few good friends from joining groups. I just have to recognize cliques and avoid them and some of the others in the same space. 
I should write a book of prayers. Others do. Now I know there are some people for every book written, but not every book is in step with one's beliefs. I am happy and oh, so comfortable knowing my own Soul. It lets me know when something doesn't feel right and I listen carefully to what it's telling me. So "My Home is My Castle" is certainly true. I like my home for me, and have to share it with my husband, :) and it is certainly for my pets. People from the outside...not so much. I need a separate room away from my "castle" for others. My "Soul is My Sanctuary" is a truth. I always go within which you may call, "soul-searching." I frequently tell people that if they want an answer to a question, just ask God. I do that and always ask my "go to" Angels for messages because I know that we all have a "spark" inside us that is God. There is so much I could share but not at this time in this post. 
I feel lighter that I came to my senses and to not put people on pedestals. They don't have all the answers. It's that part of what they profess resonates with people and those people become followers and everyone else is wrong. And by the way, people turn into protective vultures and will attack anyone who says something that goes against the one they put on the pedestal! (Take that one to the bank.) That may be the most truthful statement in this blog post! I even amazed myself...I love when the truth just comes spilling out. :) 
I think I'll leave this as is...more another time when Spirit moves me to write. Maybe I'll begin writing prayers...I pray but writing them would be something I haven't tried before. Let's see what happens...maybe it won't be a good idea or the writings won't flow easily, but what if they do?
Till next time...

Sunday, June 24, 2018

The Spiritual Essence of this Sacred Image

This is so beautiful to me that I wanted to post it and so here it is. Now I'll see what message I receive from the Spiritual Essence of this Sacred Image.

The message from this Spirit is purely to LOVE with all of your heart and soul. Blood flows as a source of life given to all of humanity. The crown represents the Glory of God as he adorns all in his fold - freedom and joy and love. Wherever you walk the Earth holds the secrets held by the ancient ones. Rest in solitude and allow His guidance unfold into your heart. 
Believe and keep your faith strong and foremost in your life's journey and He will walk by your side always leading you along each path you take no matter should you sway from one to another you will never walk alone. 
You have been given keys to your doors awaiting you to open each one. Inside there will be secrets  only your heart holds the whispering winds to, and pay attention as they will be fleeting like a breeze kissing your cheek. 
Cross your heart and keep your own secrets close uttering no words to anyone. They come directly from your Soul which is kept safe and knows all from the one on High. Knowledge from above is at your right hand. There are no words to express what your Master has in store for your life. Only doors to the world's secrets can be opened by you. Others have their own doors and their own keys given when they are ready to receive. No one receives their keys until they are willing to know what lies behind the veil of this world as all is in spirit, you just have to open the doors and open your hearts to receive the gifts from the Holy Spirit to capture the fleeting breath of life - the answers to all that exists. 
Walk in peace and joy. LOVE will open every door which requires no key.

Text Copyright by
Nancy Stokes Shewchuk

Monday, June 18, 2018

Made from the Same Stuff

I have things I enjoy doing, like painting, reading, spending time with my animals, but the urge to paint and read take a back seat to what I do every day, and that is communicate with Spirit. I call on particular beings, or simply ask my Guardian Angel if there is a message for me. Most times I want to know the answers to what lies ahead when the human body is no longer. That is what this post is about. 
I called on my "go to Angel," Archangel Gabriel. Now I have to recall what I remember from just this morning after I awoke. 
Many feel Gabriel is a female energy, but I have always felt a male energy and so I refer to Gabriel as, "he." 
I'm going to have to write what comes to mind and maybe not in order of what was said to my written communication...I am so used to writing the thoughts or words that come through me that I use my index finger and make writing movements on the bed sheet! :) I know...funny, but it's something that has become second nature to me and so that's how I get messages if I'm not on my PC typing as the message comes. 
One thing I learned this morning was that the human form is made from the "same stuff" as the Universe. When we leave the body, when it no longer contains its energy, its life force, we as Soul, leave the physical body and proceed to live in our "light body." We are light. We have no use for a mouth because we don't need food to live, we live from the amount of light we contain - light is energy. We are attracted to other light beings whose color(s) are the same or similar to our own. The colors of light that we are have meanings on the other side but I don't have answers about that except that I am in LOVE with PINK! I also love white and opal-essence. Together adding a third color, is blue. I had a dream of these three colors and was told that they together are my "spiritual code." Blue is knowledge and wisdom, white is spiritual, and pink is love.
I was advised to incorporate these colors in the clothes I wear, jewelry, home...and so I found 2 pretty rings online and bought them from a jewelry shop in Hawaii. They are perfect for has the three colors and the other just pink and white. 
Moving on to what else I remember from my chat with Gabriel, the more light we can sustain within our physical body the healthier we will be and the longer we will sustain our life force. The junk food with no or little nourishment has no life force and that diminishes our light...our energy...our health. 
I read a lot about spirituality and books written by well known spiritual thinkers and authors. I learn something new all the time. I keep what I believe because it rings true, and I let other things go by because it isn't my truth at this time. 
I bought a book decades ago, The Well Body Book. It stated that the human bodies are "three thousand year old healers!" The body knows what it needs and can heal itself from most issues, but I am not an expert so won't go into methods of healing here. I'm just recording what I remember from our communication, and what I am recalling from books I have read. I remember what Deepak Chopra said about God. He said, "God didn't create the Universe, God became the Universe." That is so powerful! 
I was holding the little box that contains the ashes of my kitty that died in January. I have plans to sprinkle them over her roommate's grave before next winter. I talk to her every day but today as I opened the box and touched the plastic bag with her ashes, I said, "You're not here, are you." Her energy has moved on...those ashes are not her or who she is now. She is "light." I believe that's how my conversation with Archangel Gabriel came to be this morning. I got up early and went back to bed after holding "Miss Kitty's" box of ashes. I then asked the question almost all humans ask. What happens to us after our body transforms from life force to no life force. 
Anyway, we should fill our bodies with as much light while we are alive on Earth. I don't believe anyone knows for sure what becomes of us after death. There are too many accounts of experiences and claims, and this isn't either of those. I am simply recording what came to me as I communicated to the energy of the one I go to for spiritual information.  
I remember Oprah asking Deepak Chopra the question, "What do you know for sure?" His reply was, "Nothing!" She was shocked!! That told me a lot right there...even the so wise ones we think have answers may not have them at all. :) So trust yourself and get your own answers by what feels right in your gut. Those feelings change in time, or can. We are constantly evolving. 
So like the Universe, we are made of the same stuff. Inside our Soul is our light energy that carries us through life and then where we belong when our physical body no longer serves us. 
You take care...find your the beach? At home? Traveling? In church? Reading a Holy Book? Listening to music? Painting? Being in nature and around animals? Wherever you are and whatever makes you feel happy, that's where you belong. That's what you need to be doing. 
All for now...there will be more questions and when I'm ready I'll post information I receive. 

Text Copyright by
Nancy Stokes Shewchuk

Friday, June 15, 2018

Two Interesting Dreams

I had a dream 2 nights ago I'll never forget. Some dreams are forgotten moments after I wake and some last a lifetime! I dream every night. Lots of them are about my being in retail as I have spent 20 years having art and gift shops and moving to different locations to find the perfect one. Other dreams I am being chased...don't like those. Others are of me trying to find where I parked my car...never find it. :) Other dreams I am trying to use the phone and can never dial right - the calls never get made! 
I wonder if the dream I had 2 nights ago was a premonition or just another dream with symbols and will never come to pass, but I shared a portion of it on FB and want to describe it here in length - rather in full. It was a short dream with powerful symbols or symbolism. 
The picture of Sydney Harbor and Opera House above is quite accurate as far as distance goes from where I was standing in the dream in this location, Sydney Harbor. I have never been there in this lifetime but have a friend who lived there most of his life. He moved north several years ago.
In my dream I was outside and think someone was with me, but don't know who it was, and I was looking at the harbor and suddenly a gigantic wave arose in the middle of the harbor! That in itself was very scary and not normal. Then it happened. The wave turned to a crusty snow in mid air! At that point I ran up 3 stairs and opened the door to my house and saw the white wave of snow begin to topple!! Inside the house, I heard the crash as it landed. The End.
 If it was what we know as what can happen in "the twinkling of an eye," then I suspect the Earth toppled and was thrown into an "ice age!" The horror. So that was the end of the dream as it should be because if that happened today everything in the area or hemisphere was turned cold and ice and all perished and so maybe that's why there is no more to report. 
I love dreaming...I have had many memorable dreams and used to keep a dream journal. This one was important enough to write down. I would like to live long enough to experience the "end times" as so many believe we are in and that will happen in our generation. In any case, if it happens, no one including me, will be able to report it...we will maybe meet on the "other side" and can talk about it there.  :)

This is another very recent dream that is one to record. A happy, unusual, fun dream, though incomplete and also short but worth recording. In case you don't know who the photos are of, the top one is PGA golfer, Phil Mickelson, and the bottom one is well known to all in the world, Elvis Presley. (I forgot to choose from the fonts above so will do that now)
This dream was about my planning a birthday party for myself! Actually it's already going on when it begins as these are the first two guests that arrived. At least I remember them even though there were a few others arriving. :) By the way, these are two of my very favorite people.
I created the perfect party for myself! :) I had two rows of slot machines, (one of my favorite fun things to do), I don't know where it took place, but it was a good size room. I was checking on I was in the process of attaching gifts to each slot machine...a favor for each guest...a thank you for coming to my party! The gift was a bracelet made of gemstones in different designs and made from each individual's birthstone! How cool is that? :) 
I am sure I had entertainment/music arranged and maybe Elvis WAS the entertainment, I don't know. I remember greeting Phil and Elvis but the downer is that's all I remember about the dream! :) The other thing to mention is that it isn't my birthday. I have a couple of months yet. Dreams are interesting and make me wonder. And that's fun for me! :)
The End

Text Copyright by
Nancy Stokes Shewchuk

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Pressure Off - Feeling Comfy - Mystery Hovering

I feel good. I'm comfy...not hungry so supper isn't on the radar right now except I feel like spaghetti and Hunt's sauce and cheese, but too late to make that...I'll figure it out after I write whatever it is I'm going to write. 
Pressure is off. I think I feel better posting 2 to 4 posts on FB - no expectations...won't overdo and already posted a"Good Night" image, so all is well. I surely have to let those go who have had enough of me or maybe it's that they have different ideas and thinking. We all have different brains and think differently, so anyway, I know when I'm being waned out. Some think if they react less each day to my posts eventually I'll be gone. Hahaha. I'm still there - they are leaving. :) Anyway, for the first time with this going on...I feel relief. I'm not upset...I'm just me and see the signs and all I want to say is..."Godspeed." 
So here I am in my safe place. :) I know some are reading these posts as their countries show up in the stats, but don't know who, and I prefer that. So if my small life is interesting to you - great! I can't keep anyone from reading what I post on social media...if I did care I wouldn't do it. Nothing on social media is Sacred. I just know I'm very comfortable writing on my blogs...I'm not selling anything and not really preaching...I'm just letting my fingers go where they want to go on my keyboard! :) 
I love having new ideas for web sites. I have 3 sites but everything that I post is done by my web gal and she gets $1.00 a minute for all she does, so having her post a new photo or to delete one is $4.00. If selling my art, I have to take that into consideration and so it doesn't work for me. I need a web site, should I want a new one, that I can control myself, like the blogs where I am able to post and write what I want. But they are so different in format. Blogs, you have to keep scrolling down to see all. 
So, I am looking to solve a long-time mystery. It may be something I need to do - and I don't know how much I should say, but I'll start and see what I can articulate. 
Many years ago my father was in the hospital, dying. I went to the phone booth in the waiting room to call my aunt to give her an update. There was a glimmer of hope and wanted to let her know that. I dialed her number and a woman answered and said 2 words. For now I will keep those words to myself. What I have no doubt about was that the woman's voice on the other end was my deceased mother's voice! I know voices. There is no doubt in my mind that it was a wrong number, or did I just pick up the phone to dial and she spoke before I dialed even one number? I don't know how it happened, but I took it as a message from my mother about my father soon to pass away. 
There are some things that happen to us that we experience that no one else would believe or understand, but when it happens to you, no one can ever tell you what you heard, saw, or experienced wasn't real. I have asked angels...and now want to know more. When it's the right time they will reveal what I need to know. I think I've been trying to figure it out by thinking and I haven't received the answer yet, but I know I'm close because I'm acting on it. I'm seeking what those 2 words, okay...a person's name means that was a well known tale in folklore, and not far from where I live. Years ago I came across a picture of this individual and today I made a printout and have it next to where I am typing on my PC. So I believe the time is coming soon for me to allow the pieces of this mystery to be revealed. How exciting!!  What did my mother want me to know about this and what did it have to do with my father?
(big sigh)
I'll come back to this mystery when I know more myself. I think that's all for this time...time to have something to eat and watch some of the baseball game...but "American Gangster" is on in an hour and I love that movie! Russel Crowe and Denzel Washington? Great movie. I can see some "at bats" and check the score during the game...that'll be my night, so I will, on that note say, "Good Night."

Text Copyright by
Nancy Stokes Shewchuk 

I created a new blog last night and have added to it this morning and will keep adding when the Spirit moves.  here is the new blog title and address.
The Holy - The Spiritual - The Sacred

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

My Soul Speaking

Doesn't make anything worthwhile when there are only your own ears and eyes to hear and see what you are saying and writing. Doesn't make a difference to be on social media at all. No one cares. Everybody has their own cares and not your cares. You can't spend time waiting to be appreciated by human beings. Selfish most people will be when another requests their attention. Splatter. Is this the way you want to capture one's interest? By splattering all of what you can do on social media? It is hilarious!
Seek no one for anything using this method. It's good for a place to read yourself and reread when you want...and by accident a human comes to also read...doesn't matter. What is in your spirit is not for the masses. Have a joke by playing here typing to yourself. It's a good way anyway to stop writing on paper as there is no clutter. Leave this kind of junk in cyber space. 
People disappoint. Facebook is the worst of all social media. Friends are only friends when they have time to play games and like your pictures and read your short stories. It serves the ones who share the same makeup. Before you enter a group, as you know is not your kind of social anything...look here and be yourself where no one will even look. Hide you will - no one will find you here. You have already come and gone. This should be your playground. I know you and what you are doing and thinking for I am your soul speaking. 
I am you and you are me. It doesn't matter what others think about you or what you do and how you live. Every day you spend too much time looking at the pretty images to post on Facebook - why bother? You seek to connect, that's why. Today was like you were the only person allowed on your own page. That is why it's not your best place to try to connect with people. Go out in the world to communicate if you want. But if you prefer to stay inside...don't bother. It's cheap. Social media is cheap. The worst form of communicating. Now it's even dangerous. Too many know your personal business. Hackers are all around. So give them nothing. Say nothing they can use for their sick reasons. Let us close for tonight. You will listen to the beat of your own heart. Don't waste precious time with whatever you're doing on Facebook. It never worked for you. Contacts with people you already knew is okay to chat with, but you are just a piece in a puzzle of all kinds of energies there and it messes your senses. You are extremely sensitive and feel many energies all around from reading this and then that...leave it alone. All will come to you that is meant to. Be content with this knowledge. 

Text Copyright by
Nancy Stokes Shewchuk