Friday, June 30, 2017

Just Fly

You know you can fly - you have done it before and will do it again. Through the Universe we fly - never falling back to Earth but moving forward into eternity. Just say this is the way to real freedom and know that this Earth life is a series of lessons that will bring you closer to the ultimate joy which is your birthright.
All who have seen this joy of flying as a dream have already experienced it as reality in the soul body. Make no mistake - true bliss is found by seeking the truth and daring to travel where Angels tread by their faith. Their wings are not hidden in truth, they are the truth. They exist. Know and trust. It isn't magic or is your soul telling you to believe and it is so.
You are the believer of your faith and because of it you cannot fail in life. Keep us in the forefront of your mind and heart as a reminder throughout your Earthly activities as not to backslide into illusion. You know your true know you are never know you are free to be...and that will secure your faith as you go about daily life.  Smile - shine your light for all to see. Say nothing as they are traveling on their designated roads looking and seeking for the right road for them. They may be headed in a different direction than you, and it is good. There would be no reason to suggest to them that they need to turn around and follow you. It isn't their time or purpose to go with you. It is the soul's journey and each soul has its purpose. You will meet your soul mates when the time is right and will then travel in eternity and work as one.
Onward you go - spread those beautiful wings and just FLY!  :)
Written by Nancy Shewchuk
Copyright 2017
All rights reserved

Friday, June 23, 2017

My Angel

"My Angel"
I painted this a couple of months ago but never asked for a message from the Spirit held within its essence - now that I'm back on Blogger I'm going through all of my blogs and getting caught up.   Let's see what she has to say:
Created by my soul and sent on my wings of light I am here to let your freedom clear the sky and travel beyond the sun, moon, and stars. There is more for you to see, as you know. Travel by plane, train or car and you will never experience the universe in all its Glory like you do when you travel in your soul body. Fly with me and explore. My guidance will be unwavering - I will guide you through all things always. Never doubt you are a child of God and He wants what's best for you even when you think love is over there. Go with the flow...listen when you are know right from may feel disappointment at times but that is only Earthly noise from more attention to nature and focus on the Blessings you have at hand. Father knows best...if you know inside that uncomfortable feeling then it's not right for you. When you get mixed feelings about the same situation there is unfinished work to be done. Don't miss an opportunity to repair what appears to be broken and in time you will be clear which way is the right way...keep on repairing until the situation is whole. Fly with me...take my hand...we have lots of heaven to see!

Written by Nancy Shewchuk
Copyright 2017
All rights reserved

Thursday, April 18, 2013


~ Today's Message ~
Written by Nancy Shewchuk
Copyright 2013 - all rights reserved

Greetings! Today I want to tell you that belief is just what is necessary to live in this world of Earth-life. Violence has come to an elevation unseen by physical eyes, it is a mountain reaching far beyond the highest clouds. Out of reach...such tragedies continue to elevate in your world but what you must do is to change what you can to make life a safe and perfect one.
Believe in your intuition and you will always be on the right road. You need no book to learn how to listen to your inner self. You know when something feels uncomfortable...if so, act according to what you are feeling...nothing else matters when you make choices in life. It is your answer to no one but yourself. 
You are not alone. You have your own messengers to consult with at any given time and in any given place. We are everywhere and are summoned by you and welcome your questions. Guidance is always at hand. 
Blessings to all.
Love, Daniel